Raspberry Pi Schools Computing Club OBIS Student and School Engagement

March 18, 2014

“We propose to show how OBIS has used Raspberry Pi technology to engage with students within Brookes and with local schools as an exercise in External Engagement. Staff within OBIS, TDE and student volunteers in TDE have helped to deliver Enhancement and Enrichment activities in some local schools. The aim is to help the schools’ IT staff learn how to use the Raspberry Pi to control external devices such as solenoids and LEDS.

We propose to display materials from the project, and to show some of technology that these pupils have used at their schools; attendees will also be able to interact with some of the equipment. It is also hoped that we can invite some the Oxford Brookes students that have been involved as well as perhaps some of the staff and pupils from the Schools, so that we can gain learning perspectives from all of those involved. “

This a project that is live and is already being used within School in the local community. This would be a great opportunity for OBIS/Brookes to show how they have helped in the learning experience of those in the community.

Bazaar stand

Andy Austen, David Smith (plus also other OBIS staff such as Pete Andrew). CCT Student Reps (and hopefully staff and pupils from local schools).


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September 26, 2012

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January 25, 2012
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March 7, 2011

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March 7, 2011


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March 5, 2011

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